Thank you so much for passing this information along, Jim.  What a wonderful labor of love this is! The newsletter is very impressive and I hope you will continue to share it  with us.

Ann Meier Baker, President
Chorus America


Congratulations!! This is truly splendid and a real contribution to choral life.

Andre deQuadros, Professor, Boston School of Music.
Formerly Director of the School of Music, chair of the Music Education Department, chair of the Department of Music in the College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and artistic director of the Tanglewood Institute.


This is absolutely excellent!  I applaud your efforts with this!  This will help create a network of supportive colleagues in our region.  Bravo!!

Trent R. Brown, D.M.A.
Director of Choral Activities
Assistant Professor of Music
Bower School of Music, Florida Gulf Coast University


Well done…a great tool for choral groups

  Linda Jessen, Singer


Congratulations, Jim, on your new adventure with ENSEMBLE!  It is a wonderful encapsulation of wondrous opportunities in the visual and performing arts on the southwest coast of this great state. Thanks for including me in your subscriber network!

Lorraine Murphy, renowned soloist and musician


What a wonderful idea! We’ll check your newsletter every month in deciding which concerts we’ll see.

John Thorpe

Congratulations and thanks for your altogether excellent and visually beautiful publication, Ensemble.  The newsletter fills a real need and will help with appreciation and support for the art of choral singing.

We at Florida Gulf Coast University’s Bower School of Music are pleased to be a part of this most worthy initiative

Robert W. Thayer
Interim Director, Bower School of Music
Florida Gulf Coast University

The newsletter is quite impressive.  Well done.

Denise Plonski, Singer


Well done! You should be proud of yourself.

Doug Renfroe, Artistic Director, Voices of Naples, International soloist


I’ve been singing in choirs for many years in Naples and can’t remember seeing a better informational tool for the local area.     Great Job!!!!.

Everett Cain, Singer


Thank you so much for this!  I’m very appreciative of your work for choral music in our area.

Dr. Timothy McDonnell
Chairman, Department of Music
Ave Maria University


This is outstanding! I’ll look forward to every issue

Charley Mason, Singer


Congratulations on the inaugural issue of ”Ensemble.”   It is quite an impressive undertaking.

Joanne Paulino, Vice President, Symphonic Chorale of Southwest Florida

Thanks for keeping me informed of the choral activities in South Florida.

What a great newsletter!  My compliments!

Bill Henson, Singer

My husband and I have been attending choral concerts in southwest Florida for years. This is the first informational piece I’ve seen that gives me all the information in one place without my having to chase around all the websites.  Thank you for putting me on the mailing list. I’m recommending it to all my friends.

Josephine Carella
  What a treat to get your newsletter!  I couldn’t believe how many groups have formed – either that, or I was not aware of them.  I am sure that all of these groups must be thrilled with your new venture – as a way to attract members, funds and just general interest.

Paula Wright, Singer, Arts Benefactor