Ensemble is a free E-newsletter published every month September through April.

Although this newsletter goes to all choral organizations in southwest Florida , our primary e-mail distribution is to people who attend concerts and support the choral art form. This newsletter was designed to reach the concert-going public and provide them with an organized, consistent flow of information and schedules. Choral audiences are discriminating and have almost unlimited choices in determining which concerts they will attend. Ensemble Newsletter gives them the information they need to make their choice.

During the months of May through August there is little performing activity by most organizations so rather than publish issues of Ensemble that have little news of interest we’ll publish periodic Ensemble Bulletins through the summer months with news of any activities we deem interesting to our readers.

To choral organizations …we encourage you to include Ensemble in your press releases. Let us know about specific individuals in your organization who deserve recognition. Keep us abreast of special events and organizational changes.

We encourage you also to forward Ensemble to everyone in your group and those who support your organization to use as a resource for information on choral activity in Southwest Florida.  If you want them to have a copy sent direct, simply send us their e-mail address.

We have a special issue each September that will includes seasonal highlights so as season schedules are firmed up during the summer months be sure to send us your schedual.

To members of the general public, we welcome your comments about the content of Ensemble and your opinion on the types of programs you like or concerts you have seen.The publisher reserves the right to print only those which are of  interest to the broadest cross section of our readers.

Be sure to check out our Performance Calendar on this website which will list all performances each month. Keep us abreast of your concert schedule and activities so they’ll be included in our calendar.

We have provided a link to each ensemble’s website.

Also, note the Photo Galleries for photos of all the ensembles and artistic directors of which we are aware.